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Free Will Magic


Have you ever heard people talking about, "free will"? What are they talking about? What does free will mean? Well, usually people mean that the state and structure of the human brain does not have any effect on decisions. And, if such were true, one should be able to reach a reasonable decision regardless of the condition of the brain, which as you know, would be magic, and which, as you should know, isn't possible.

The point is, you are the sum of all your parts. And your brain gets input and feedback from other parts of yourself, then processes and stores the information. That is, your brain is the part of you that recalls memories, though in most cases, not perfectly. And your brain is the part of you that "thinks," though usually with at least a bit of fault in the thought process. That means people are really being silly when they say the development and state of your brain doesn't have anything to do with the way you think. That is, people are silly who say we humans have a will that is magically free from the laws of cause and effect. But people who claim we have free will sometimes do not realize free will is a silly notion. In fact, free will is an illusion.

But if we truly don't have free will, why do some people pretend we do? Well, people pretend we have free will in an attempt to make us obey certain rules - not that there's anything wrong with obeying rules! Impartial rules are necessary in order for the game of life to be played fairly. But tricking or forcing humans into obedience with the free will argument is unhealthy.


Say, for instance, you are told not to eat anything till supper-time. But you end up getting so very hungry beforehand. You get so hungry that you start to shake a bit. Then you notice the fruit dish on the dining room table. But no one is around to ask permission. So you go ahead and eat a piece of fruit anyway. Yet, you are seen in the process. And the witness tattle-tales on you. This is the point that the notion of free will can be used against you:


The factors resulting in your choices are not taken into consideration. More precisely, they are denied. Your choices are said to be free from the natural laws of cause and effect. You are shamed. You are made to feel as though you are sinful. You are made to seem as though you are wicked, which you find offensive. Thus, these emotions, feelings, and appearances make you more likely to obey the rules next time. However, your self-esteem has also suffered a severe blow. And your understanding of the causes and effects involved in human behavior is undermined. Furthermore, the whole process tends to give you the impression that free will is real. But it isn't. Free will is unreal.

Now, we can pretend there is something called the will. And if we do so it would be sort of like the wind. The wind doesn't exist as an actual thing all by itself. Wind is merely the name given to moving air. And air really does exist all by itself. Do you see what I mean? When we say "wind" we are not talking about wind actually existing, but moving air actually existing. However, should we happen to use the term "free wind," then that would be plumb silly, because moving air can never be free from the natural causes and effects that made the air move in the first place. Of course, our stupid ancestors may have thought the wind was something actually existing all by itself, just like they thought the will is something existing all by itself. And when they said the will was free, the claim really showed how very stupid they were. Also, some adults in this age are just as confused and stupid about "free will" as were our ignorant ancestors.

Free will is an illusion - just like ghosts and gods. However, most folks are trained to believe in free will so that they would be more likely to accept other really stupid notions, such as Heaven and Hell. These facts are things you should always bear in mind.



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