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Note to Parents

Pretend Friends


Some kids have friends who are not real. Such friends are called imaginary friends. That is, some lonely kids pretend to have friends to keep them from being lonely. The imaginary friends help them feel safe too.


Have you ever played with an imaginary friend?


Some adults have friends who are not real, just as they did when they were kids. Such friends are purely imaginary. That is, some lonely adults pretend to have friends to keep them from being lonely. The imaginary friend helps them feel secure too.


Most adults call their imaginary friend, "God." And most of these adults get really mad when you tell them their imaginary friend isn't real. So sometimes you have to pretend "God" is real so that those adults won't get mad and be mean to you.


Some adults even have imaginary enemies. No kidding! The adults like to pretend their enemies are real so that they can blame them for bad stuff. That way, when something bad happens, the adults can say their "enemy" did it, or caused it to happen.

Most of the adults call their imaginary enemy, Satan, or the Devil. And they get real mad when you say their imaginary enemies are not real--like they get mad when you say their imaginary friends are not real.

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